Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Present

Have you ever just sat back and realized that all your life has really just led up to this moment? Actually you could probably say that about every point in your life and not be wrong, but still. I was thinking today as I sat out front of my new home-ish type place that this is it. I've arrived. All my life I've been working towards an ultimate, far in the future goal; just need to graduate college and get a job. Now I'm here. I actually panicked for a second with that realization, kind of an early life crisis. Just for a second though, then I was excited.

I can't imagine how bad that panic would have been had I not been a Christian. Had I not believed that there was eternal value in my new job and the things I was doing. How could I possibly get out of bed in the morning with the illusionary meaning goal like getting a career after college finished, and all that's left is a meaningless 50 years or so of gathering stuff and trying to find happiness that I, and no one else will remember 2 months after I die. I think what really brought this idea home for me was the parable of the rich man who stored up all his crops only to lose his life before enjoying the fruit of them (Luke 12:13-34). How amazing it is to be given the hope of eternal life, giving actions the opportunity to have eternal value. As a result making every day in the present, of eternal importance. Crazy.

Friday, August 7, 2009


16 days and some change. That’s how much time I have left before I should be reporting to the campus of San Diego State University to begin my time of witnessing the single greatest, most powerful, just, wise, sovereign, and loving God at work.

I know its 16 days because that’s what the countdown widget on my homepage tells me. I added that widget at the beginning of the summer, as a sort of motivational tool. Here’s a tip to future wannabe motivators; don’t use a countdown widget. You’ll just find yourself staring at it in unbelief that the countdown is going so fast and the numbers are getting so small. If this countdown followed the rules of Professor Slughorn’s hourglass from Harry Potter then it must’ve been privy to a conversation concerning proper amortization of an asset. The countdown was going Usain Bolt fast. (If you realized I just said the same thing twice you’re in that rare crossover area between nerds and jocks, congratulations.)

At first I started to panic that this time was slipping away so quickly. I have so much left to do; so much more fundraising that needs to be done, more time to spend with family and friends, more time studying so that I can be effective when I get to SDSU, more time. But you know, ever since the fall of man there has always been two sides to everything. With some help from the Psalms, specifically Psalm 32:8, I started to see the other side to that countdown. I started to get excited about how little time there was left until I was able to go and reach students, hear where they are, what’s going on with their lives and get into the Word with them. I’m excited to see God work on campus and the countdown can’t go fast enough.

On a practical level however I am running out of time and I’m still in need of funding. Currently I am at about 35% of my target with just over two weeks to go. So please pray for that and possibly pray about joining my ministry by giving (Just click here!). Also let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about what I’m doing just leave a comment. Otherwise my email is