Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last Semester Fall of '11

Time for a bit of reflection.

I'm not really an introspective type of person, especially when I don't force myself to talk to someone about myself or write on this or the other blog, but it seems healthy to look back at the last 6 months and see what change God has forced me through.

Starting the year off I was definitely excited to get back to work. My time as a slinging sausages in the local grocery stores had grown in me a fantastic appreciation for the opportunity God has given me to spend a couple years working in ministry as a profession. Not that sales is somehow less valuable, in fact quite the opposite. Joining EDGE corps one of the things I really wanted to grow in was my ability to evangelize. As one of my friends had pointed out the nitty gritty steps of evangelism, especially the type of cold calling evangelism I find myself doing on campus, are basically the same steps one uses to sell sausages. Especially these sausages because I legitimately believed people would be better off laying down 5 bucks for them.
So even though at the time I felt like I was wasting time standing around in the bright refrigerated sections of markets all over town. In reality God was giving me a chance to grow, very specifically in an area I had asked Him to grow me in. And as a bonus He was letting me store up a bit of cash for the coming school year.

Once back on campus one of the things I knew I had to do this year was give another shot to discipling guys. The Navigators are huge on discipleship, which makes sense because Christ was all about it and wanted the all the nations to be involved. All of them. I had tried meeting with some guys my first year but the nature and mechanics of discipling just never hit me. I described it as trying to figure out how to waterski in an earlier post. But you know what, if you watch enough people ski, read enough books about it, talk to people about it, and keep getting out there and trying it, sometimes things start to click.

This is getting pretty long, and my laptop battery is about to go out so tomorrow I'll explain more about the mercy God has shown to me in the discipleship arena.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Updates have been bumped back to later tonight

Hey if you read my email it mentioned that I would try to get some much more substantial updates posted here. Unfortunately it's looking like that will have to happen either late tonight or tomorrow. BUT IT WILL HAPPEN.