Thursday, March 11, 2010

Waterskiing and Discipling

Starting in ministry really reminds me of my experience water-skiing. At least it does after some reflection of a full semester on campus. The Conferences and trainers tell you all the things you should be doing, "keep your feet together, lean back, don't cross the ski's, get in the dorms, disciple these guys to become laborers, and don't forget to keep up your own walk." But sometimes you still can't get out of the water and on the skis, and it feels like sometimes they give you advice like my Dad gave me when I was trying to water-ski. "I not really sure what you’re doing wrong, I got up on my 3rd try. You just have to have the feel it." Probably true, but mostly frustrating.

Thankfully I’ve had a lot of chance to “feel it” and I think I am starting to get an idea of how to stand up. And as I was reminded by a friend the other day, I should stop trying to stand up, lean back in faith and let God pull me up. In plain terms, I desperately needs the Holy Spirit's help when reaching the guys. Pretty simple, but for a prideful person it's hard to remember and swallow.

P.S. I should be back into posting updates, so look for about a post a week giving some kind of update on how I, or the ministry is growing....I haven't really nailed down the specifics of the content yet. But I'll try and keep it short. No exegetical discussions of Isaiah or Jeremaiah, I promise.